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A best practice is a technique or process that has been proven to provide a desired and positive result. Let's look at some best practices when it comes to a change control board. Apr 14, 2016 · The best companies break the process into stages that progress from a review of the critical and emerging strategic issues toward a detailed plan for the year and beyond. Clearly, long-term vision, medium-term strategy, and short-term plans need to be revisited with different frequencies—and those frequencies need to reflect the particulars ...

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Apr 10, 2016 · It’s entirely written in JetBrains’ new programming language Kotlin. The presentation was focused on technical aspects of the code, mainly on nullpointer safety, interoperability with Java, final value preference, nullable types and extension functions. After the talk, participants had the chance to answer a few questions about the language.

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Kotlin is a statically typed language, hence, functions play a great role in it. We are pretty familiar with function, as we are using function throughout the examples. Function is declared with the keyword “fun”. Like any other OOP, it also needs a return type and an option argument list. Nov 21, 2019 · Best practices collection for SAP ABAP CDS views. Please leave a comment if you would like to contribute a best practice or to make any other remark. Learn about the differences between SAP ABAP CDS views and SAP HANA CDS views here: SAP ABAP CDS views vs. SAP HANA CDS views. Use the Virtual Data... Learn to use Kotlin the right way to actually improve your Android app code Write null-safe, concise, and readable code in Kotlin using functional and object-oriented concepts Work around unnecessary boilerplate code when using Android APIs (e.g. SQLite) using higher-order extension functions

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And then it fails to mention so much of the very best stuff in Kotlin: Extension methods (No, Java 8's default methods are not a substitute.), unifying the type system, covariance and contravariance instead of those wacky wildcards, kicking checked exceptions to the curb. . .